[HEAVY TOUR Goods Limited Time Sale] Held!

jellyfish heights

2021/05/13 18:00


Sorry to keep you waiting. We will be holding a limited-time online sale of tour goods that have been successfully completed with the Sapporo performance on May 2. When you purchase, you will receive one of two Dignity stickers that are the perfect size for your smartphone's back at random. No matter how many items you purchase at one time, the shipping fee will be 1,000 yen.

Date: May 14th (Friday) 21:00 to 23rd (Sunday), 2021 21:00 Shop URL: https://shop.wesugi.net
* During the sale period, sales of goods, etc. that were previously posted in the shop will be suspended.
* Due to the unstable logistics situation due to the corona damage, we will not ship overseas this time.



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